group training

The following Group Training programs are popular choices for corporations, academic programs, consulting and training teams, and networking groups, amongst others.

Speaking Without Fear

This is a well-established curriculum with up to 12 hours of material. It’s modular nature allows for quick seminars (1-2 hours), half-day programs, and full-day programs, depending on the goals and type of the group. Although the program is focused on overcoming speaking anxiety, every tip offered is also an advanced speaking technique. For example, one technique completely eliminates breathlessness and a shaky voice, while at the same time reducing filler words such as “um” and “ah.” Training attendees never work specifically on reducing filler words – it is simply a side benefit of learning to control a common speaking anxiety symptom. Compelling outcomes of this program include:

  • reduced anxiety and increased confidence
  • enhanced speaking skills, including visual imagery and audience engagement
  • focused and impactful messaging
  • improved professionalism

Speaking Fundamentals for the Captivating Speaker

This is an advanced speaking class for business professionals who speak publicly on a regular basis and are already comfortable in front of an audience. This is a popular class for private corporate or association groups in sales, training or related functions. This class is customized for the needs of the group, which may include modules such as Engaging Your Audience, Mastering Your Delivery, Mastering Content Creation, Managing a Difficult Audience, Using Slide Decks to Your Advantage, Extemporaneous Speaking, Projecting Your Voice, Effective Eye Contact, Executing Group Exercises, Giving and Receiving Constructive Criticism, Storytelling, and Handling Q&A.

This class is often packaged with individual consulting per class member.

“I’ve had responses from almost all of the public speaking class participants, & they are unanimous in expressing their appreciation & their certainty that their public speaking skills have been strengthened & enhanced by the class. Thanks so much for customizing the class to fit our environment, and for providing such a useful, informative and inspiring series of classes!”

Mary Beth Bigger
Executive Associate Director
Harry Ransom Center
The University of Texas at Austin