executive program

This is an intensive, long-term program designed for the serious business professional committed to improving his or her speaking skills, public perception, and overall quality of presentations and speeches. It is an ideal program for business Executives, customer-facing individuals or teams, or any person already in or entering a high visibility occupation.

The program has four cyclical phases:

  1. Analysis:  identify & prioritize speaker’s assets and areas needing improvement. Input is collected from the speaker, the speaker’s trusted support team*,  the consultant, and videotaped presentation(s) if available. The consultant will initially create a baseline evaluation to be used in tracking the speaker’s progress throughout the program.
  2. Development Planning:  once assets and areas needing improvement have been identified, speaker and consultant will create (or update) a development plan that will include working sessions with the consultant, individual exercises and video-taped presentations in front of a group.
  3. Plan Execution: speaker and consultant will execute the plan, taking appropriate measures in the process to track progress.
  4. Progress Tracking:  as measures are taken throughout the program, the consultant will evaluate those measures against the baseline, provide appropriate feedback to the speaker, and adjust the development plan accordingly.

*The speaker’s support team may include colleagues, organizational superiors, staff, customers, or even friends and family. The requirement for building the support team is that each member is already trusted by the speaker, will provide honest and constructive feedback, and has witnessed the speaker delivering presentations in front of a group. The support team’s time commitment will be limited to no more than 3 evaluations. The 2nd and 3rd round evaluations will be based on either in-person or video-tape analysis of a current public presentation, rather than past performances.