custom consulting

Customized Consulting Packages are available for both groups and individuals.

All clients who hire me have unique speaking situations with very specific issues, so I custom-create programs that target the specified areas of concern. Each program is also designed to ensure solid foundation speaking skills are covered, which usually brings to light new issues for which the client may not even be aware.


Individuals often hire me to help them get prepared for an important business presentation…and then another one when that one goes well. In the process, they learn valuable speaking techniques that ultimately help them prepare and deliver outstanding presentations on their own.

Individuals have also hired me to help them prepare for delivering an eloquent and respectful eulogy, giving a memorable toast at a wedding, facilitating a panel, MC’ing an event, and delivering a masterful keynote address.

Executives often hire me to help groom individuals for promotion into higher-visibility positions, or to work with their entire team to increase sales, improve the team’s overall speaking professionalism, or help the team deal with difficult audiences.

Event Coordinators hire me to help their team get prepared for a conference. I work with the team to reduce their speaking anxiety, learn basic speaking skills to entertain and exhibit professionalism, and execute all aspects of the conference requiring them to speak. This includes introducing speakers, making announcements, facilitating a panel, and even running the drawing of door prizes. I video-tape the team in action during the conference, and follow-up with them afterward to view the video clips and discuss conference results.

High-tech Execs and Managers have hired me to work with theirĀ  product development teams to prepare for trade shows or conferences at which they present informative sessions on their product and industry.

Additional customized engagements include, but are not limited to:

  • running webinars, video-conferences, or teleconferences
  • reducing speaking anxiety
  • improvement of overall speaking and presentation skills
  • evaluation of a presentation with the aid of video feedback
  • improvement of written and interpersonal business communications