public training


This 8-hour seminar, offered in 2 half-day sessions, is exclusively for people who get nervous speaking in front of an audience. This creates a safe and supportive environment where participants feel comfortable working through the material with others experiencing similar issues. After taking this course, attendees will understand why they experience certain symptoms of anxiety and how to alleviate those symptoms. For example, within the first hour of the seminar, participants will learn how to completely eliminate a shaking voice and breathlessness. The tips provided throughout the seminar will not only help participants overcome public speaking fear much easier and faster, but each tip is also an advanced speaking skill that will significantly improve each person’s effectiveness speaking in front of a group.


This seminar was created by popular demand from FEARLESS Speaking students who wanted to continue their development in a safe and supportive environment. Building on the basics of overcoming speaking fear, learned in the first seminar, this training will help students hone their skills and learn more advanced speaking techniques. Topics include, but are not limited to, body language, engaging and entertaining the audience, crafting a message, prepared and extemporaneous speaking, working with slide decks, and incorporating stories and humor. The seminar will be offered in 2 half-day sessions.

Small Group Coaching

This is an alternative to my private, one-on-one consulting for those who need individual help preparing for an upcoming public speaking presentation or event, but want a price break. Seats are limited to allow personalized attention. Group members benefit from having a small audience present, receiving guided input from other group members in addition to the instructor, learning how to help others with their own presentations, and getting great ideas from other members’ presentations.

Student Responses

“I never dreamed I could have so much fun speaking!”

“Hi Tonja, I was in your Speaking Without Fear class a few weeks ago. I’m writing to tell you that I gave my presentation and it was a big success!!! I changed it all around, based on your suggestions & the feedback from class, and it went very smoothly. I actually got applause at one point and several compliments afterward. I have never, repeat NEVER, received compliments for my speaking. This was a wonderful experience! I want to thank you for everything you do.”

“I was in one of your speaking classes two years ago. It did wonders for me.“

“Hi Tonja,

I just wanted to tell you that my presentation went really well. Once I had the microphone I was able to speak loud and clear. My voice wasn’t shaking and I got more and more comfortable being in front of the whole group as I went on. My opening line (the one you gave me) was really funny. It made EVERYONE laugh and that felt really good. People told me afterwards that I did great, too. All those words of encouragement felt really good.”

“Hi Tonja,

I just wanted to let you know that I had parents’ night at work tonight. I did great! I wasn’t that nervous. I took my time and took breaths like you taught us. I had some humor and asked them to raise their hands for something. My last presentation ended exactly on time and they clapped for me! I think the most helpful thing was realizing that I am the expert. I know more than they do about my subject. They are there to hear me. I will highly recommend your class to others.”