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Using Slide Decks to Your Advantage

Most people use slide decks ineffectively, viewing the slide deck itself as the presentation, rather than a support tool for their message. How many of you have sat through presentations where the speaker read his slides to you? Bullet points from top to bottom, sentences and paragraphs of text; what’s the point? The presenter may as well just print the slides and let you take them home to read yourself.

The slide deck also tends to be used as a crutch for people who experience some public speaking anxiety. It’s a great way to avoid looking at, or interacting with, the audience. Unfortunately, it’s also boring. So, what do you do instead? Continue reading

Openers and Closers

One of my clients asked me recently, “Do you have any canned or impromptu openers, intros, etc. for meetings or other gatherings?”

My answer: I wouldn’t say I have something “canned,” but I do have certain things I like to start with such as:

  • a story
  • a question relating to the topic
  • a series of questions leading to a punch line
  • just about anything other than introducing myself in the usual boring fashion

When you open a presentation or speech with company or personal bio information, Continue reading