Help placing your order

I use Paypal checkout for processing payments. This is a more secure method for you, as all of your credit card data is handled directly by the Paypal payment processing system. None of your payment data (CC number, expiration date, or CC ID number) are maintained in our system. We do have your contact information on file, but that is the extent of the data we keep.

When you checkout from, you will actually be rerouted along with the details of your order to Paypal where you can complete your transaction. You may pay with your Paypal account, or if you don’t have one, you can skip creating a Paypal account and pay directly with a credit card there. Here is an illustration of the payment process.

Provide your billing information to

Fill out your billing information. This data will be transmitted along with the details of your order to Paypal.


Accept our Terms and Conditions


Read the Terms and Conditions, select the check box, then “Place order”.


 Automatically visit Paypal

You can verify that you are at Paypal in your browser’s address bar:


Select your payment option

You should now see a payment interface from Paypal that looks like this:


From here you may choose to “Pay with my PayPal account” or, lower on the page, pay with your credit card. For those of you choosing to pay with a credit card, click on the triangle and expand that section.


Your billing information will be pre-populated:


Next you will need to provide your credit card details:


Once you have supplied your credit card details you need to finish the transaction by selecting the “Pay” button.


If you still have difficulty with your payment, please contact me for help.