keynotes and breakouts

Tonja O’Neill offers entertaining and educational keynote and breakout presentations for your annual conferences, off-site retreats, or other corporate or association events. All topics are based on extensive experience in business, management, leadership, public speaking, and the high-tech industry. She provides your audiences with valuable and useable tips while ensuring they have some fun and laughs in the learning process. Select one of her commonly requested topics below or have her create a presentation specifically for your audience.

FEARLESS speaking

Tonja is an expert when it comes to dealing with public speaking anxiety. She struggled with her own fear of public speaking for many years…too many years! She is now a professional speaker and thoroughly enjoys her time in front of an audience. In this talk, she will share four of her best tips to conquer public speaking fear in a fraction of the time it took her to discover, practice and perfect these same speaking techniques. Facing and overcoming your fear of public speaking is a liberating experience that allows you to open yourself to precious opportunities (like a toast at your best friend’s wedding!), instead of hiding from them.

the captivating speaker

In this customized presentation, Tonja offers several speaking techniques that directly address the public speaking interests or concerns of the audience. They will see first-hand how a few small changes can make dramatic changes to audience perception and the speaker’s own confidence. While teaching the audience how to improve their own public speaking style, Tonja will also engage and entertain your audience, serving as an example of her own techniques.

master of ceremonies

Need an M/C? Tonja has over 20 years of experience facilitating business meetings. Combine that with her professional speaking experience and you get the ultimate professional who engages and entertains the audience, promotes and supports all speakers with enthusiasm and respect, all while ensuring your event is run smoothly, professionally, and on-time.

award-winning stories

If you are looking for a shorter presentation to entertain or inspire an audience, Tonja has several award-winning speeches ready to go. Consider her side-splitting humorous story about her first job interview (laughter guaranteed!) or her inspirational Inner Bully story about facing fear. And, yes, these have actually won awards.

about leadership…

Tonja has given a multitude of talks on leadership and will customize a presentation for your particular audience. She combines entertaining stories with valuable lessons attendees can actually take away and use to improve their own leadership or to develop leadership in others. Common topics include Managing & Empowering Others, Handling Conflict, Performance Evaluations, Professional Customer Service, Running Effective Meetings, Time Management, and Project Management.

interpersonal skills

This interpersonal skills refresher utilizes fun, interactive exercises to help attendees become more self-aware and appreciative of differing behaviors of others. Tonja is a licensed practitioner for the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and has actively utilized her knowledge successfully (and sometimes not!) in both business and her personal life. Attendees may take the indicator in advance, or decide their type preferences on the fly during the presentation.