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Do you have a passion for public speaking, or do you have a passion for avoiding it?

Strong public speaking skills are essential to do most things in life effectively, whether you enjoy speaking or not. You will be surprised to find new doors of opportunity opening for you just by making some simple, and often subtle, improvements to your speaking skills. For instance:

  • Do you get nervous speaking in front of an audience? Learn practical and immediately useful techniques to control and eliminate speaking anxiety, a problem that can affect even the most talented speaker.
  • Do you need to deliver business-winning presentations? Enhance your presentation skills by engaging your audience with a clear, focused message offered with style and humor.
  • Are your presentations boring? Create visual impact using your words and body language, and change those dull slide decks to illuminate your presentation rather than hinder it.
  • Do you need to lead and motivate an entire company? Transform yourself through my Executive Program into a charismatic leader who speaks with confidence and has a commanding presence.

I work with groups and individuals at all levels of public speaking experience to improve their speaking effectiveness, professionalism, comfort level, and overall presence in front of an audience.

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Youth Programming

Since public speaking continues to be one of the top fears amongst adults world-wide, it makes perfect sense to teach our children how to maneuver these choppy waters while they are still impressionable and before a persistent, life-long fear takes hold. Read more…

Executive Program

This is an intensive, long-term program designed for the serious business professional committed to improving his or her speaking skills, public perception, and overall quality of presentations and speeches. It is an ideal program for business Executives, customer-facing individuals or teams, or any person already in or entering a high visibility occupation. Read more…

Group Training and Consulting

Group training packages are effective for customer-facing corporate teams, consulting and training teams, academic programs, association leadership, and conference coordinators, amongst others.

All clients who hire me have unique speaking situations with very specific issues, so I custom-create training programs that target the specified areas of concern. Each program is also designed to ensure solid foundation pubic speaking skills are covered, which usually brings to light new issues for which the client may not even be aware.

Group packages typically include a customized speaking class for the entire team, followed by individual consulting for each speaker. Video-feedback and take-away materials are included.

public speaking services

Click here for a full listing of my public speaking consultancy offerings or choose a speaking area of interest below to learn more about that particular program:

  • Overcoming Speaking Anxiety – learn practical techniques to reduce speaking anxiety and completely eliminate some frustrating symptoms of speaking fear such as breathlessness and a shaking voice.
  • Improvement of Overall Public Speaking Skills – Improve fundamental and advanced public speaking skills needed to deliver a focused message, while engaging and entertaining the audience.
  • Professional Development of a Specific Presentation or Speech – Work one-on-one with Tonja to improve the content and physical delivery of a specific, upcoming business presentation.
  • Corporate or Private Group Classes – Course curriculum, training materials and class exercises are customized to the needs of your speaking or customer-facing team.
  • Public Seminars and Classes – Affordable public speaking classes and consulting for the general public.
  • Executive Speaking Program – Intensive 1-1 Analysis, Planning, Development, and Progress Tracking for the business professional serious about improving his or her speaking presence.
  • Professional Speaking – Tonja is an entertaining and energetic Professional Speaker who provides your audiences with valuable and useable tips while ensuring they have some fun and laughs in the learning process.
  • Publications – Read Tonja’s publications on Management, Leadership and Public Speaking. She has extensive experience in each of these areas and offers her field-proven expertise to help you reach your potential and avoid the pitfalls she has experienced or witnessed.

other services

Soverex also provides business consulting services to improve the leadership and efficiency of your internal operations. Visit www.soverexconsulting.com for more information.